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Integrated Cloud And Mobile Applications That Increase Your Business Productivity And Bottom Line

  Inventory Management
QR Inventory is a simple, yet powerful web-based inventory and asset management system that utilizes QR codes, NFC tags and smartphones for fast and error free inventory tracking. Affordable and customizable.
  Equipment Maintenance
Optimize asset tracking and maintenance with mobile forms and QR codes. Whether you are managing equipment, property, tools, electronic devices or other types of assets, QR Maintenance will allow you to create custom forms that fit your purpose.
  Bulk QR Code Generator
This free tool allows you to bulk generate QR code labels or tags for assets and equipment. Your clients or employees will be able to submit service request, damage or problem report by scanning QR code with a smartphone.
  QR Code Ordering
QRwave allows your customers to place restocking orders by scanning QR code on the items. Use QRwave to increase re-order rate and simplify life for your clients.
  Mobile Apps For Business
Custom mobile applications for businesses integrated with internal systems and software. We specialize in the applications in business productivity, mobile commerce and enterprise collaboration.
  Mobile Apps Portfolio
Selected mobile applications that we created - from inventory and asset management to food safety inspections to farm management and safety assessments, and more...

Selected Customers

  • Blue Grass.Net
  • Global Payments, Inc.
  • Bostic Corp.
  • Brookwood Media Arts
  • Deep Well Services Corporation
  • Baden-Jensen A/S, Denmark
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • B&G Manufacturing
  • Paper-Pak Industries, Inc.
  • Olori High Reach
  • Speedo (Authentic Fitness Corp., Subsidiary of the The Warnaco Group Inc.
  • De-Sales University
  • WDS Logistics
  • Polycom, Inc.
  • Rutgers University
  • Souders
  • Steris Corp.
  • University of RI
  • Ice Services, Inc.
  • Transcore Corporation
  • Adaptive Textiles Corp.
  • My 4 Points Corp.
  • Center For Dairy Excellence